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Injury Repair

Massage can help expedite the body’s healing response and can also reduce the scar tissue formation after an injury. Receiving massage support during recovery can lead to better range of motion, less pain, decreased swelling, and increased strength and function. Injury rehab is a combination of massage, stretching, trigger point work, and at the end of the treatment I may suggest specific exercises and stretches that you can do at home to support recovery. 

Pregnancy Massage

Most of my pregnant clients and friends don’t want to get off my massage table because they feel so comfortable – not an easy thing when you’re pregnant! Getting massage while pregnant can help with fatigue, swollen ankles, achy low backs and hips, as well as overall relaxation and tension relief. Depending on how far along the mom-to-be is, I will either use a pregnancy pillow that allows a woman with a small bump to lie face down, or I will perform the massage with the woman in side-lying position if the pillow isn’t appropriate.

Manual Lymph

Drainage (MLD)

MLD is a gentle and non-invasive way to treat a body that is holding onto extra fluid. This swelling could be due to injury, surgery, pregnancy, or various conditions that require support of the body’s lymphatic system. If you schedule an MLD appointment I will likely give you call beforehand so that we can go over your current health status, as well as decide on an appropriate treatment time. For oncology patients, I may ask for a doctor’s referral.


[More on MLD]

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage goes beyond the superficial muscles of the body and addresses deeper tissues such as fascia and tendons. This deep work can be extremely beneficial for chronic aches and stiff, tight, and contracted muscles. Common areas for deep tissue include low-back/glutes, mid-back/shoulders, neck and leg muscles. This work is also great for athletes who need to get their muscles “washed out” after an event or game. Before you get on the table I will ask you which areas you want me to focus on, and I will spend my time really working those specific areas.


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